Covid19 level 3 in Auckland region

 Members should take note of the change to Alert level 3 for the Auckland Region at mid day today Wed 12th Aug. This means recreational flying is banned until the alert level is lifted. Please follow the guidance from the MOT

Auckland Regional Paragliding competitions.

Auckland Regional Paragliding Competitions 2020

One of the bonuses of Covid19 and the restrictions on travel has been for pilots to step forward to conduct Regional paragliding competitions so as to continue to ensure that New Zealand pilots are kept current with competition flying and continue to be well represented on the World Rankings.
Johnny Hopper is conducting a League of two Auckland competitions in November and December, 2020.

Auckland Regional #1:                 14th - 15th November, 2020 ( Reserve date the following weekend)
                                                        Registration opens soon.
                                                        FAI Cat2
                                                        Airtribune:    Airtribune / Auckland Regional #1

AucklandRegional #2:                  12th - 13th December, 2020 ( Reserve date the following weekend)
                                                        Registration opens soon.
                                                        FAI Cat2
                                                        Airtribune:    Auckland Regional #2

Johnny runs a great comp with lots of fun. Lets hope the weather is kind for some great flying.
Information on Airtribune.

Updated Paragliding Competition Rules V22 for review.

Paragliding Competition Rules V22

 The PCC is tasked with reviewing and updating the Competition Rules from time to time.
Parts of this latest revision have been in the pipeline since the Wanaka PG Open in 2018.
In accordance with the existing Rules a new version 22 has been written and is now posted for review by the Members for a two week period prior to a final review and becoming 'official'.
The new version can be viewed or downloaded from the NZHGPA website: 'Competitions and Records' / 'Paragliding Competition Downloads'
Please take time to review them and, if there are any concerns notify the PCC.

Test your knowledge on VFR

Many clubs are encouraging their members to update and check their knowledge of VFR rules by having a go at the online test. We think that's a great idea. Try it yourself. It's free.
  • Access the online exam here  and use the current password "vfr2020". The password may change at some stage but if it does we'll let you know.
  • If you don't pass on the first go don't be disappointed, you can have another go after 24 hours. In the mean time maybe read the new VFR guide here. The guide is also available on the NZHGPA website (in the OPM and Forms area).

Covid level 3 and VFR test online

Covid level 3 ban on recreational flying.

The Government ban on recreational flying continues under level 3. You can read the CAA information here .
Do not fly.

Ground handling.

Due to the various risks involved including "accidental" take off or flight Ground handling must not be done on or near any flying site under Covid level 3 restrictions
Choose a large, flat, obstacle free place, in your local area, away from flying sites and make sure you have landowner’s permission. Better still wait until we come out of level 3 and then do some ground handling before you go flying.

VFR online test.

The updated VFR Exam Study Guide and the online exam is ready.
  • The guide can be accessed here. The guide will be also be available on the NZHGPA website (in the OPM and Forms area).
  • The online exam can be accessed here. The current password is "vfr2020". The password is likely to change from time to time.
New students (and pilots converting overseas ratings) will now have to sit the online exam. The old paper exam will be accepted for pilots who are already NZHGPA members (as of today). This includes students who are already part way through their course. Anybody using the old paper exam must have their rating application submitted by the 31st October 2020. Only the online exam will be accepted from the 1st November.