Proposed rules changes - version 14 of Paragliding Competition Rules.

A new version of the rules is being proposed by the Paragliding Competition Committee.

This involves a change to the way the the Fun Class and Sport Class Champion are awarded, and also the creation of a new Serial Class Trophy.

There is also an added rule, clarifying how much distance records have to be beaten by.

The proposed new rules are published on this site here:

The changed areas are in section 5.8 and the new rule is rule 6.6.3

These will become the official rules, version 14, unless significant objection is raised before 23rd July 2014.

Johnny and the PCC

Regional Paragliding Competition - Auckland, Feb 2015

Announcing an Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition will be held on the 21st and 22nd of February 2015.

All details will be posted here:

Auckland Regional PG Competition

Please contact Johnny on 021 056 2275, or

Free Hang Gliding Training Camp

Free 3-day training camp in Canungra, QLD, Australia from the 22nd of October to the 24th of October 2014.

Sites:    Tamborine Mountain and Beechmont

                    Jon Durand Snr
                    Jon Durand Jnr
                    Ken Hill
                    Rod Flockhart
                    Dave Stevens
                    Dave Staver
                    Lisa Bradley

Bookings:    Contact the organiser Billy Miller-Macleod; 0435 046 335;

This is a great opportunity for novice and intermediate pilots to improve their hang gliding skills.  It is also an opportunity to enhance cross-country and competition performance under guidance from some of Australia's most skilled and experienced pilots.  The Canungra Hang Gliding Classic competition follows directly after the training camp, so for those who enter, there will be two de-briefings throughout the competition week to monitor progress of pilots who attended the training camp.

Pilots are required to supply all hang gliding equipment.  Pilots are encouraged to use GoPros (or any other video cameras) during the training camp so all pilots can watch in the evenings as well as helping instructors to give feedback.


Camping @ Canungra Showgrounds - 07 5543 5904
Canungra Motel - 07 5543 5155
Canungra Hotel - 07 5543 5233

Goals for the Training Camp:

* Procedures for setting up gliders and equipment
* Launch and landing techniques
* Safe flying practices
* Improving thermal techniques
* Cross country flying with goals dependent on pilot ability
* Local knowledge on the flying sights and terrain
* Set goals for future flying

PG Open Announcement 2014/15 Season

The PCC can now confirm that the 2014/15 Season PG Open will be take place in Wanaka, 31st January - 8th February 2015

Details will be posted on