Southern Regional Paragliding Competition

The Southern Club has announced a Regional Paragliding Competition, to be held in Wanaka/Queenstown on the 13th and 14th of December 2014.

For details - please see the NZHGPA Regional Paragliding Competition Page

Please Take Care

Just a reminder to be especially careful at this time of year when flying, as conditions can be fickle.

We have had an exceptionally large number of accident reports recently, involving both students, visiting pilots, and experienced pilots.

So, be vigilant, keep safe and fly in appropriate conditions.

Happy and Safe Flying!!!
NZHGPA Executive Committee

PG Comp Rules v15 Released For Comment

Proposed to version of the Paragliding Competition Rules (version 15) released for comment and approval

Please find, in the Paragliding Competition downloads area, a proposed new version of the NZ Paragliding Competition Rules, for your perusal and approval. 

This is a "tracked changes" version - so all changes can be seen in coloured text

A brief summary of the changes is:

* Various spelling fixes
* General change of "NZ Open" to "PG Open"
* Explicit clarification on the order in which tasks should be scored for the ladder
* A change so that if there are not 4 or more RC or overseas events in a season then a pilot will not score a DNF for events that did not occur.
* A couple of unclear or duplicate statements reworded

Cheers, if I don't hear anything to the contrary then these rules will go into effect on the 29th of November 2014.

Comments very welcome via the PCC email address:

Johnny (and the PCC)

Harness Defect Report - Sup Air and Niviuk Harness

During routine WOF inspection and pre-flight checks on two harnesses the bungee reserve pin retainers in the harnesses have failed.

Both had sewn in bungy cords for securing the reserve pocket.

The bungy has been stitched through. This has likely caused the bungee to fail in two ways.

  1. The needle may have cut bungy strands during stitching 
  2. During normal use the thread continues to cut the bungy strands. Inadequate stitching or other means to hold the bungy cord intact during normal use.

Stitching through bungy is not best practice for this kind of application. A knot secured in the bungy is a preferable method, the knot maybe backed up with a non metallic washer also.

Sewn in bungy increases the risk of an accidental reserve deployment due to the difficulty of checking the failure point during normal pre flight checks. The wear may only be identified during a thorough inspection.

It is recommended that all pilots take particular notice of the method their reserve pocket is secured.

Any sewn in bungy cord should be thoroughly inspected and if there is any concern regarding the integrity of the bungy contact the equipment supplier for repair or replacement of the parts.

Grant Middendorf
PG Operations Manager
Mob: 0274913786

Updated OPM

An updated version of the NZHGPA Organisation and Procedures manual (OPM) has been approved by the exec and CAA and is now online.

This version has new section numbering, improved navigation tools and a number of changes to the content. There is a full list of the amendments at the front of section 1. For solo pilots there are no significant changes that will affect your day to day flying. Instructors and tandem pilots should review the amendment list and relevant sections of the OPM to familiarise yourself with any changes that might affect your operations.

The OPM is now in one single pdf file to enable the use of indexing and key word searches. OPM Forms are separate downloads for ease of use and updating. As always the latest version published online is the only approved version. If you have a saved or printed copy of the OPM please update to this version ( 1.2 dated Oct 2014).

Evan Lamberton
CEO/President NZHGPA