Auckland Regional Comp - Using reserve dates

Since the Auckland Regional Paragliding competition was declared with the coming weekend as reserve dates (28th Feb and 1st March 2015) then it could still be on this weekend. Please keep watch on the Google+ event for further details.

Administrator out of office

Just a reminder that I will be on holiday from 4 April until 20th April

Please make sure you have any urgent business to me in good time before 4th April

If you have any urgent issues during that time please contact Evan Lamberton or Derek Divers.

Many thanks and happy flying

Nicky Hamill

New waypoints for Auckland PG comps

The waypoint files for Auckland paragliding competitions has been updated.

You can find the latest files (wpt or gpx format) in the download area:

Waypoint Downloads

National Paragliding Ladder updated

The National Paragliding Ladder has been updated to include the results of the PG Open that was held in Wanaka in February.

You can download the latest PDF from here:

The National Paragliding Ladder

Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition

Next weekend (21/22 February 2015) there will be an Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition.

Details are available HERE.

See you there.