New PG Ladder pending... and FTV on the way

This is advance notification of major rule changes coming from the PCC regarding the National Paragliding Ladder, and how we score competitions.

The current national ladder will be replaced with a New Zealand Pilot Ranking System (NZPRS) which is very similar to the World Pilot Ranking System. Scores are obtained based on a pilots overall performance in a competition, rather than on a task by task basis.

This allows us to introduce Fixed Total Validity (FTV) scoring which encourages more competitive flying.

It is important to get this change underway as soon as possible to allow us to introduce FTV for the PG Open in Wanaka. This reflects the desires of the community to introduce a more competitive racing style that will strengthen our international standing and create a ladder that is more suitable for our World Championship team selection for 2019.

The PCC is in the process of updating the rules to reflect these changes, but the following has been agreed:

* The old ladder positions will be transposed to "seed" scores in the new system... so nobody will change positions purely as a result of the change
* The recent overseas league in Canungra will be the first competition to be scored using FTV and the first competition to affect the new ladder
* The Auckland Regional comp will be next

We apologise that the rule book has not been completely updated in time for this change and that we will be back-dating some of the scoring, but there are some complex issues that still need to be resolved before we can publish the rules.

We appreciate your patience and hope for your understanding.