National Paragliding Ladder Updated

The National Ladder has been updated, and a few pilots have moved up as a result of flying in the recent Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition.

You can find the latest ladder here

NZ PG Open in Rotorua - Reminder

A reminder to register for the NZ PG Open in Rotorua (26th February - 4th March 2017) if you haven't already.

We've had strong interest from both NZ and international pilots and over 70% of the available places are now filled.

Go to to reserve your spot and we'll see you up there!


NOVEMBER 12-13TH 2016
For further information, please contact me at
Grant Tatham
HG Training manager

Craigieburn Regional Paragligin Comp - Cancelled

Unfortunately the Craigieburn Regional Paragliding Comp is cancelled due to inclement weather. The organisers might have another crack at this in the new year.

Craigieburn Regional PG Comp postponed

The Christchurch Club is hosting the first Regional Paragliding Competition of the 2016/17 season.

All qualified NZHGPA member paraglider pilots are welcome.

This will run over Labour Day weekend, 22-24th October 2016, inclusive. Postponed to the 5th - 7th November 2016.

The comp will be held at the Craigieburn site, and is organised by Michal Talavasek and Mark Hardman.

There will be a training day on Friday 21st of October, designed to help newcomers and low airtime pilots to familiarise themselves with comp talk, strategies, instruments and geography.
Also, if enough people confirm will stay overnight for one or more nights, we can arrange to rent a house at Castle Hill village and also use it as headquarters for the weekend (to book contact Michal).

A BBQ will be available for everyone to use. Bring your camp chair and guitar.

There is no on-line registration system - please use the contact details below for further information and to express interest. Results from this comp can contribute towards your national ladder position.

Comp Organiser: Michal Talavasek - or 022 340 4511
Scoring and Support: Mark Hardman -

Here is a link to the waypoints file for the comp:  Craigieburn Competition waypoints 2013.wpt

A DOC campground nearby is also a good option for a place to stay: craigieburn-shelter

Well, that sounds fine and dandy but what if the weather isn’t always on for paragliding? Should I still go? What is there to do??

Castle Hill area is spectacular on its own and offers cool sights and activities for all. The rock climbing/bouldering is great and there is even a cool cave to explore nearby.

The mountain biking is also great and well organised, offering kilometres of established trails. You should get your fix one way or another…

Links are here:
Castlehill Basin
Craigieburn Trails
Craigieburn Forest Park mountain biking tracks
Cave Stream Scenic Reserve

Cheeseman to round hill

Cheeseman ski field to lewis Pass

Administrator Change of Address

As of 25th October I will be moving house and changing my address. Please understand that it may take a few days to have my office up and running again.

My new address will be:

57 Kingsford Drive
Nelson 7011

I have a redirection order in place but please do remember to use the new address wherever possible.

All other contact details remain the same as currently on the website.

If you have my old home phone number or private cell phone number please now use the NZHGPA cell ph 027 202 1806.

Many thanks and kind regards.
Nicky Hamill
NZHGPA Administrator

Renewal time and new cards

Dear members,

From the 1st October you can begin renewing your membership for the year to 31 Oct 2017. Just log in to the members area either by clicking the members tab at or by following this link Join us.

Please pay using the online options if at all possible. Payments sent by bank transfer or by cheque can be accepted but they create a lot of extra work for our administrator at a busy time so please avoid them.

The new membership cards will come with a QR code on them that links to your online public profile. This contains your ratings and membership expiry date. This card will be a permanent card and will not need to be replaced unless lost, stolen, damaged or you need an update to get new ratings added. It is important that you carry this card at all times when flying and produce it on request. A simple phone app will scan the QR code and allow anyone to verify the membership status and expiry date. Here is an example of how they will look.

At the AGM held on the 17th September the club delegates and the executive voted for the following membership fees. Full member: $160 Early Payment discount applies until Oct 20

Other fees can be found here Fees.

Evan Lamberton

FAI Sanction Fees For Regional Comps

It is the policy of the Paragliding Competition Committee to encourage Regional Competition organisers to obtain a FAI Cat-2 sanction.

In previous seasons the PCC has picked up the tab for this, when it was 20 Euro.

However, the FAI / CIVL have now increased the minimum sanction fee to 50 Euro.

The PCC will, until future notice, offer to fund 50% (25 Euro) of this cost if the organisers obtain FAI Cat-2 sanction.

NZ PG Open 2017 - Rotorua

Hi all,
Just a quick note that registrations for the PG Open 2017, to be held in Rotorua from 26 Feb – 4 March, are now open!
Entry fees are $160 if paid before 31 Dec or $200 afterwards.
This will be the only round of the PG Open for 2017 and, in case you need an extra incentive to enter, one lucky pilot will be drawn out of a hat and win their entry fee back thanks to Nick Taber at Mac Para NZ.
Accommodation will be in hot demand at that time of year, so pilots are encouraged to get in quick and make reservations with the Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park. If you mention that you’re with the PG Open you’ll also receive a 10% discount off the standard room rate.
To register and for more information go to:
Hope to see you there!

2016 AGM - Call for Remits

We now have a date for the 2016 AGM for the NZHGPA:

Date: Saturday 17th September, times 9am - 4.30pm

Venue: The Meeting Rooms, ATCANZ Training Centre, 10 De Havilland Way, Christchurch Airport.

Now is the time to get your remits together regarding constitutional and budget issues only. Any remits regarding rule changes and operations will be heard at the Special Executive Meeting to be held immediately after the AGM. Please also think about any nominations you might wish to make for the Executive Committee positions. All remits must be received by the administrator (me) in writing prior to 01 August 2016 by email or by post. Please note the following rules regarding submission of remits as per our Constitution:


(a) Remits may only be proposed by current Full Members of the Association and must be seconded by a Full Member.

(b) Remits must clearly document, the names and PIN’s of the proposing and seconding members, plus their signatures, if the remit is submitted in a printed format.

(c) Remits to an AGM must pertain to the Association constitution or annual budget.

Remits for changes to the constitution should be structured as follows:

(a) Remit heading.

(b) Detail the existing line or section from the current constitution.

(c) Detail the proposed amended wording or wording to insert.

(d) Name of the proposing pilot including PIN, plus signature if the remit is submitted in a printed format.

(e) Name of the seconding pilot including PIN, plus signature if the remit is submitted in a printed format.

(f) Finish with a discussion that clearly explains and supports the remit.

All other remits should be structured as follows:

(a) Remit heading.

(b) Remit.

(c) Name of the proposing pilot including PIN, plus signature if the remit is submitted in a printed format.

(d) Name of the seconding pilot including PIN, plus signature if the remit is submitted in a printed format.

(e) Finish with a discussion that clearly explains and supports the remit.

It may be a good idea to get your club members together to discuss any remits you wish to put forward but you can also submit them personally. Now is also a good time to discuss if your club will be sending a delegate to the AGM and who that will be. It is always good to get flights booked early to avoid missing out. I will be emailing club secretaries now separately to advise the same.

An Agenda containing all remits will be forwarded early August for your clubs to consider, with details of funding for delegates attending the AGM (same as last year).

The NZHGPA Executive Committee look forward to receiving your remits and to seeing you at the 2016 AGM.

See you there!

Nicky Hamill


Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition

Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition scheduled for 3rd/4th December 2016.

Sites will be around Auckland or as far as Rotorua, depending on weather.

Details and registration here:

The comp is free, but pre-registration is very much appreciated.

PCC seeks bids for next season's PG Open

There will be only one round of the PG Open in the 2016/17 season.

The PCC requires bids to hold the event sent to them in writing before the end of May 2016. Please use to send your bid.

PG Open organisers are heroes.

Johnny and the PCC

Pasted below is rule 1.6.1 regarding the selection of PG Open rounds.

1.6.1 PG Open
Potential Organisers of PG Open Rounds should send their submission to the PCC by the 30th of May each year, or as otherwise notified by the PCC prior to that date. The PCC has the right to move this deadline if notification is made on the NZHGPA website.
The locations and dates of the following season’s events will then be decided by the PCC and published in the next available Airborn Magazine, announced on the NZHGPA website and added to the Competition Calendar on the NZHGPA website.
When selecting PG Open Rounds, preference should be given to having one in each of the North and South islands. It is also possible to have one in Australia.
Preference shall be given to competitions that meet the requirements of FAI Cat 2 and are sanctioned by the FAI.
Preference will also be given to varying the location of the PG Open rounds between seasons.
If, in a year when two PG Open rounds are allowed, and less than two bids have been received by the stated deadline then there may be only one round. The following year then reverts to a two round competition.
If there is still a vacancy for the PG Open Round after the deadline then it may be awarded on a "first come, first served" basis, provided that the competition meets the requirements of the PCC and each club can be notified

Administrator out of office


I will be on holiday from 9th until 17th January but may have intermittent access to data and Wifi during that time.

Please expect that you may not get a response to your email/application for 3 or more days.

If your issue is urgent please contact Evan Lamberton on

Nicky Hamill

NZ Hang Gliding Nationals Nelson February 2016

From the Organiser:

We are continuing the discount for early registration until Jan 11th for those who haven't registered yet. Please contact

Full details are at

From the THGPC:

Extreme Fire Risk likely in February.

All vehicles must carry a Fire Extinguisher of at least 0.9 Kg, and a shovel.

No smoking at all launch and landing areas. That means you Max!