Christmas Office Closure

Dear Pilots

Just to let you know that this office will be closed on all Statutory holidays and maybe a few days in between too - yet to be decided.

If you have an URGENT issue please call me on my home phone 03 5474845 but otherwise you can expect that I will check my emails at least every other day.

The NZHGPA Executive Committee and myself wish you all a very merry Christmas and a New Year filled with lots of safe and great flying!!!

Best Wishes
Nicky Hamill

Paragliding Ladder Updated

The NZ Paragliding Competition Ladder has been updated to reflect the results of the Southern Regional Competition in December 2014.

Please download it from the ladder page

Southern Regional Paragliding Competition

The Southern Club has announced a Regional Paragliding Competition, to be held in Wanaka/Queenstown on the 13th and 14th of December 2014.

For details - please see the NZHGPA Regional Paragliding Competition Page

Please Take Care

Just a reminder to be especially careful at this time of year when flying, as conditions can be fickle.

We have had an exceptionally large number of accident reports recently, involving both students, visiting pilots, and experienced pilots.

So, be vigilant, keep safe and fly in appropriate conditions.

Happy and Safe Flying!!!
NZHGPA Executive Committee

PG Comp Rules v15 Released For Comment

Proposed to version of the Paragliding Competition Rules (version 15) released for comment and approval

Please find, in the Paragliding Competition downloads area, a proposed new version of the NZ Paragliding Competition Rules, for your perusal and approval. 

This is a "tracked changes" version - so all changes can be seen in coloured text

A brief summary of the changes is:

* Various spelling fixes
* General change of "NZ Open" to "PG Open"
* Explicit clarification on the order in which tasks should be scored for the ladder
* A change so that if there are not 4 or more RC or overseas events in a season then a pilot will not score a DNF for events that did not occur.
* A couple of unclear or duplicate statements reworded

Cheers, if I don't hear anything to the contrary then these rules will go into effect on the 29th of November 2014.

Comments very welcome via the PCC email address:

Johnny (and the PCC)

Harness Defect Report - Sup Air and Niviuk Harness

During routine WOF inspection and pre-flight checks on two harnesses the bungee reserve pin retainers in the harnesses have failed.

Both had sewn in bungy cords for securing the reserve pocket.

The bungy has been stitched through. This has likely caused the bungee to fail in two ways.

  1. The needle may have cut bungy strands during stitching 
  2. During normal use the thread continues to cut the bungy strands. Inadequate stitching or other means to hold the bungy cord intact during normal use.

Stitching through bungy is not best practice for this kind of application. A knot secured in the bungy is a preferable method, the knot maybe backed up with a non metallic washer also.

Sewn in bungy increases the risk of an accidental reserve deployment due to the difficulty of checking the failure point during normal pre flight checks. The wear may only be identified during a thorough inspection.

It is recommended that all pilots take particular notice of the method their reserve pocket is secured.

Any sewn in bungy cord should be thoroughly inspected and if there is any concern regarding the integrity of the bungy contact the equipment supplier for repair or replacement of the parts.

Grant Middendorf
PG Operations Manager
Mob: 0274913786

Updated OPM

An updated version of the NZHGPA Organisation and Procedures manual (OPM) has been approved by the exec and CAA and is now online.

This version has new section numbering, improved navigation tools and a number of changes to the content. There is a full list of the amendments at the front of section 1. For solo pilots there are no significant changes that will affect your day to day flying. Instructors and tandem pilots should review the amendment list and relevant sections of the OPM to familiarise yourself with any changes that might affect your operations.

The OPM is now in one single pdf file to enable the use of indexing and key word searches. OPM Forms are separate downloads for ease of use and updating. As always the latest version published online is the only approved version. If you have a saved or printed copy of the OPM please update to this version ( 1.2 dated Oct 2014).

Evan Lamberton
CEO/President NZHGPA

Membership Renewal - Is now working

So for all of you who have yet to renew.... get to it!!

We've had over 500 renewals so far... don't be the last to do it!

And, thanks for your messages, but unless it's urgent at this stage, please don't reply to this email as I have about a bazillion emails in my inbox!! :-)

Nicky Hamill

Membership Renewal - Not working

For those of you who have been trying or are trying to renew your membership at the moment, we are aware that there is a problem with the process on the website.

We are doing everything we can to fix it as soon as possible and will post another notice as soon as we have the 'all clear' and it is ready to go again.

We apologise for the problem and hope to get back to you soon.

Nicky Hamill

Membership renewal time is here once again

If you renew prior to 20 October 2014 you will receive an early bird discount of $20 which will be deducted from the amount you are told to pay - DO NOT DEDUCT A FURTHER $20!

If you pay by direct credit please remember to pay at the time of renewing to enable quick reconciliation at our end.

To renew online:

  1. Click on Members/Members Database.
  2. Log in with these details: Your PIN and Password. (You can change this to whatever you want after you log in) 
  3. Change your address and other details if necessary. (It will auto save when you leave) 
  4. Click renew membership and follow the instructions. 

Your new card will be sent to you ASAP - please be patient as there are more than 850 of you all trying to renew at the same time.

Please carry your card at all times when flying.

We look forward to receiving your renewal and wish you a happy 2014/2015 flying season.

Best Wishes from the executive of the NZHGPA.

Nicky Hamill

2014 AGM and EEM - Minutes

Minutes - Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Executive Meeting of the 9th August 2014.

Registration Open: PGOpen 2015 (Wanaka)

Registration is now open for the 2015 New Zealand PG Open in Wanaka
Please register here

Version 14: Paragliding Competition Rules

The official rules for New Zealand Paragliding Competitions have been updated to version 14.

You can download these from the Paragliding Competition downloads area here:

Any questions should be directed to the NZHGPA Paragliding Competition Committee (PCC)

Membership Card

Dear members

As you all know membership renewal is fast approaching.

We are looking for a new photo for the front of this year's membership card.

We would prefer a photo that has both codes, ie HG & PG in it, but if necessary we will have to take year about.

The photo must also be your own and not downloaded from the internet - we can't have any ownership issues regarding the photo.

Please send your photos to me at by 20th September and be in with a chance for your pic to be on the next NZHGPA membership card.

Many thanks
Nicky Hamill

Hang Gliding Competition Committee

The day after the AGM some HG pilots met to determine the coming season’s Hang Gliding Competition Committee (same time as the Exec meeting).

 Here is a brief account of the meeting.

Proposed rules changes - version 14 of Paragliding Competition Rules.

A new version of the rules is being proposed by the Paragliding Competition Committee.

This involves a change to the way the the Fun Class and Sport Class Champion are awarded, and also the creation of a new Serial Class Trophy.

There is also an added rule, clarifying how much distance records have to be beaten by.

The proposed new rules are published on this site here:

The changed areas are in section 5.8 and the new rule is rule 6.6.3

These will become the official rules, version 14, unless significant objection is raised before 23rd July 2014.

Johnny and the PCC

Regional Paragliding Competition - Auckland, Feb 2015

Announcing an Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition will be held on the 21st and 22nd of February 2015.

All details will be posted here:

Auckland Regional PG Competition

Please contact Johnny on 021 056 2275, or

Free Hang Gliding Training Camp

Free 3-day training camp in Canungra, QLD, Australia from the 22nd of October to the 24th of October 2014.

Sites:    Tamborine Mountain and Beechmont

                    Jon Durand Snr
                    Jon Durand Jnr
                    Ken Hill
                    Rod Flockhart
                    Dave Stevens
                    Dave Staver
                    Lisa Bradley

Bookings:    Contact the organiser Billy Miller-Macleod; 0435 046 335;

This is a great opportunity for novice and intermediate pilots to improve their hang gliding skills.  It is also an opportunity to enhance cross-country and competition performance under guidance from some of Australia's most skilled and experienced pilots.  The Canungra Hang Gliding Classic competition follows directly after the training camp, so for those who enter, there will be two de-briefings throughout the competition week to monitor progress of pilots who attended the training camp.

Pilots are required to supply all hang gliding equipment.  Pilots are encouraged to use GoPros (or any other video cameras) during the training camp so all pilots can watch in the evenings as well as helping instructors to give feedback.


Camping @ Canungra Showgrounds - 07 5543 5904
Canungra Motel - 07 5543 5155
Canungra Hotel - 07 5543 5233

Goals for the Training Camp:

* Procedures for setting up gliders and equipment
* Launch and landing techniques
* Safe flying practices
* Improving thermal techniques
* Cross country flying with goals dependent on pilot ability
* Local knowledge on the flying sights and terrain
* Set goals for future flying

PG Open Announcement 2014/15 Season

The PCC can now confirm that the 2014/15 Season PG Open will be take place in Wanaka, 31st January - 8th February 2015

Details will be posted on

Administrator Out Of Office 18th to 28th July

Dear All

I will be out of the office from 18th to 28th July and not contactable.

If you have any urgent issues during that time please contact Evan Lamberton or Derek Divers.

Many thanks

Nicky Hamill

Annual General Meeting 2014

Dear All

This is to advise the general details for this year's AGM.

Date: 9th August (one day only)
Venue: Auckland, Jet Park Airport Hotel (free shuttle)
Start: Approx 9am (to be confirmed)

Clubs should elect your delegates to attend and have your club secretary advise names to me by 15th July as we have to confirm numbers with the hotel.

Details of travel expense reimbursements will be sent to club secretaries. Please make travel arrangements as soon as possible to avoid costly flights etc.

AGM agenda will be made available by 18th July, if not prior.

Kind regards, see you there!
Nicky Hamill Administrator

2014 AGM - Remits

It is that time again where our 2014 AGM is being planned, due to occur during the first half of August.

Firm details will be advised once arranged. In the meantime it is time to get your thinking caps on and have a club meeting to determine if you have any remits to submit to this year's meeting.

The last day for remits for the 2014 AGM is Sunday 15th June. Please have your club's remits to me by the end of that day.

Late remits will not be accepted.

Kind regards
Nicky Hamill

Updated National Paragliding Ladder

Please see the latest National ladder which has been updated since PG Open round 2 in Rotorua.

Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition III

Announcing that there will be an Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition next weekend, 22nd/23rd March 2014.

Location to be determined... should be a site around Auckland but might also go as far afield as Paeroas or Kaimais.

Cloudbase Flying Event

All information and latest announcements on the Google+ event - please subscribe if interested, or contact Johnny Hopper, or on 021 056 2275.


PG Instructor Seminar in Queenstown

Ian Hornby and Shai Lanuel are holding an Instructor Seminar in Queenstown.

Monday 3rd March 2014

Flight Park Cafe,
793 Malaghans Rd.

1930 hours.

Contact Ian - - to confirm attendance.

Office hours during PG Nationals Round 1

I will be taking part in the PG Nationals Round 1, here in Nelson from 25th Jan to 1 Feb.

My hours that week will be very limited, depending on weather conditions etc.

For any schools or instructors who think they might require student/visitor forms during that period, please let me know this week so I can get them out to you.

Good luck to all the pilots attending the PG Nationals.

Kind regards
Nicky Hamill

Paragliding Instructors Renewal Seminar - Queenstown

Date: Thursday, 30th January 2014

Time: 4 pm – 8 pm

Location: Wakatipu ski club, Coronet Peak, Queenstown.

Course Facilitators: Lisa Bradley

Cost: Donation of $30 to go to the DFC Youth glider fund.

Pre-requisites: You must be a current member of the NZHGPA and hold an existing instructors rating.

RSVP: by 15th January 2014 to

Note: This seminar is only for members who already hold an existing instructors rating and who wish to renew the currency of their instructors certificate. We will be covering updates to paragliding training, best practice and current/vital procedures applying to Student Membership and rating applications.