PG Comp Rules v15 Released For Comment

Proposed to version of the Paragliding Competition Rules (version 15) released for comment and approval

Please find, in the Paragliding Competition downloads area, a proposed new version of the NZ Paragliding Competition Rules, for your perusal and approval. 

This is a "tracked changes" version - so all changes can be seen in coloured text

A brief summary of the changes is:

* Various spelling fixes
* General change of "NZ Open" to "PG Open"
* Explicit clarification on the order in which tasks should be scored for the ladder
* A change so that if there are not 4 or more RC or overseas events in a season then a pilot will not score a DNF for events that did not occur.
* A couple of unclear or duplicate statements reworded

Cheers, if I don't hear anything to the contrary then these rules will go into effect on the 29th of November 2014.

Comments very welcome via the PCC email address:

Johnny (and the PCC)

1 comment:

  1. Looks OK to me although I would have thought that if there were less than 4 RCs in a season then all pilots would get the same DNF and the ladder ranking positions would stay the same.