Updated OPM

An updated version of the NZHGPA Organisation and Procedures manual (OPM) has been approved by the exec and CAA and is now online. http://www.nzhgpa.org.nz/members/opmforms

This version has new section numbering, improved navigation tools and a number of changes to the content. There is a full list of the amendments at the front of section 1. For solo pilots there are no significant changes that will affect your day to day flying. Instructors and tandem pilots should review the amendment list and relevant sections of the OPM to familiarise yourself with any changes that might affect your operations.

The OPM is now in one single pdf file to enable the use of indexing and key word searches. OPM Forms are separate downloads for ease of use and updating. As always the latest version published online is the only approved version. If you have a saved or printed copy of the OPM please update to this version ( 1.2 dated Oct 2014).

Evan Lamberton
CEO/President NZHGPA

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