PCC seeks bids for next season's PG Open

There will be only one round of the PG Open in the 2016/17 season.

The PCC requires bids to hold the event sent to them in writing before the end of May 2016. Please use nzhgpapcc@googlegroups.com to send your bid.

PG Open organisers are heroes.

Johnny and the PCC

Pasted below is rule 1.6.1 regarding the selection of PG Open rounds.

1.6.1 PG Open
Potential Organisers of PG Open Rounds should send their submission to the PCC by the 30th of May each year, or as otherwise notified by the PCC prior to that date. The PCC has the right to move this deadline if notification is made on the NZHGPA website.
The locations and dates of the following season’s events will then be decided by the PCC and published in the next available Airborn Magazine, announced on the NZHGPA website and added to the Competition Calendar on the NZHGPA website.
When selecting PG Open Rounds, preference should be given to having one in each of the North and South islands. It is also possible to have one in Australia.
Preference shall be given to competitions that meet the requirements of FAI Cat 2 and are sanctioned by the FAI.
Preference will also be given to varying the location of the PG Open rounds between seasons.
If, in a year when two PG Open rounds are allowed, and less than two bids have been received by the stated deadline then there may be only one round. The following year then reverts to a two round competition.
If there is still a vacancy for the PG Open Round after the deadline then it may be awarded on a "first come, first served" basis, provided that the competition meets the requirements of the PCC and each club can be notified