NZHGPA Membership Renewal

Its time to renew your NZHGPA membership.

If you renew a Full membership by 20th October you will receive a $20 early bird discount off the fee (but you must complete your payment by that date).

To renew or update your membership, log in to your profile at with your email and password and follow suggested actions on your profile screen.

1 comment:

  1. 1 .Who set the new much higher fee than last year and were has it been ratified at what AGM?
    2. Where is the Agenda and minutes of that AGM to be found ?
    3. What is happening to the proposed minutes of the 2015 AGM for Clubs to consider?
    4. Why is there next to no information fort coming about what is happening ?
    5. Why has the discount period changed from December to 20 October ?